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DIY Edge beam

The Ozwall DIY wall formwork has resulted from the T-Clip and Off-Form systems.

Two sheets of form-ply are connected using a patented plastic connector to create a formwork box 1800 by 1200.

Typical thicknesses are 150/200mm. Holes through the connectors allow the simple placement of vertical reinforcement at 300mm centres in one or both faces. Several boxes are laid out to achieve the required wall length.

Boxes are either 1200 long by 1800 high or 1800 long by 1200 high. Concrete is then filled to the required height and then form-ply easily removed for reuse.

One DIY option incorporates the metal T-Clip system on the soil side face and form-ply on the outside face to create an easily installed edge wall/beam for sloping sites.

Many home builders come from a carpentry background and the DIY system allows the builder to create retaining walls without relying on block layers and reinforcement fixers.

The system is simple and easily installed with a carpenter and apprentice.

The plastic connectors at typically 300mm by 200mm centres facilitate the attachment of FC sheet/plasterboard or other decorative finish without the need for furring channels.